Bio Cybernetics International (BCI) is the home of CYBERTECH and its patented Mechanical Advantage products. The Mechanical Advantage is the result of advanced technology that creates the biomechanics for support, patient comfort and compliance. Cybertech has utilized the Mechanical Advantage to become a leader in supplying orthotic and trauma products for hospitals, emergency medical services (EMS) and military forces in the United States and other countries.

For more than 14 years, Cybertech Medical has met the needs and exceeded the expectations of providers throughout the healthcare continuum. Cybertech Medical is also an industry leader in providing healthcare solutions that make it faster and more efficient for customers to procure medical products. All orders received - until 5 pm - are shipped the same day from the company's distribution center.


The CYBERTECH line of spinal bracing provides superior support and or stabilization for a variety of spinal conditions from acute mechanical back pain relief to pre and post-operative stabilization through motion restriction.

CYBERTECH bracing features the original patented "Mechanical Advantage Pulley System" giving the practitioner an unparalleled approach that maximizes abdominal compression for the Comfort, Control and Compliance of a true custom component designated spinal system.